It's always a bit too awkwardly modest when you have to describe yourself. Let's just say that with me, you're guaranteed a smile on your face.

I began my career in social media & digital marketing back in 2013. My knowledge since then has developed into a plethora of digital content creation experience working with some of the best brands. 


As soon as i started working in Dubai, I saved up to start exploring new places outside of my home country, Lebanon. It was through my love for travel that I had re-discovered my passion for photography & capturing breath-taking moments.

2020 was a life-changing year for me. I've decided to take a big leap & combine my dream for travel & photography with the expertise that I've gained in the media world.


This website is the start of my journey and includes snippet of the moment's i've captured and the work i've done, so welcome to my world and I do hope you like it :)

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